Wormhole Dandruff Flakes, Is it a Real?

Sufferers of wormhole dandruff flakes alleviate honeycomb-shaped buildup infested with worms. Is this a condition to fret?

Oddly, there is a satisfying feeling in watching extractions from the human body, such as squeezing the life out of a pimple and scraping multi-sized flakes from the scalp.

We share a sense of relief for the person dealing with the condition. Likewise, Wormhole dandruff flakes removal is an eye-catching ASMR to watch on DR Huge Flake’s Youtube channel.

However, authenticity has many wondering if the videos are ethical.

What is Wormhole Dandruff?

Wormhole dandruff is not scientific, but rather a coined term. The wording reflects the large holes seen on the outer barrier of the buildup. In the case of wormhole dandruff shown on Dr. Huge Flake’s Channel, the description states thick dandruff and psoriasis buildup. However, it appears more severe than both conditions, providing a temporary home for juicy grub and mealworms.

Artificial or Natural Wormhole Buildup

Upon looking through the videos, buildup patterns become impressive, almost like a wax-coated and layered crown. The condition appears artificial for entertainment purposes, as there lacks information regarding what causes Wormhole dandruff flake buildup or how to treat the issue beyond picking.

Wormhole Dandruff Flake Worms 

The type of worms shown on the Wormhole dandruff videos appears to be grub worms, such as Red Palm Weevil and Mealworms. They are essentially the larvae of beetles. With many of the videos featuring young kids, how dangerous are these worms beyond looking unsettling to have creepy crawlies roaming your head?

Red Palm Weevil larva, sometimes called “coconut worms,” are native to Southeast Asia and have made their way to parts of the U.S., such as Florida and California. The Weevils are not harmful to humans. However, they pose a significant risk for destroying tropical trees like dates and palms. One female can lay 200 to 300 eggs; they essentially cause the trees to rot. According to Npr.org, “the red palm weevil evokes serious anxiety. These pests, which attack 40 different species of palm, have caused economic losses in the millions of dollars annually worldwide.”

Due to the destruction and quick migration of the pest, action to reduce infestation is vital.

Meal Worms are the larvae of Darkling Beetles. The species are native to Africa but found on any continent. Additionally, they are not harmful to humans and are non-invasive. They consume dying shrubs, insects and can delve into grains. Animals and humans consume mealworms; they are rich in vitamins, protein, amino acids, and fiber.

Types of Worms that Burrow Into the Skin

Wormhole dandruff is likely not a natural condition. However, worms that invade the skin and cause harm are Botfly and Mango worm larvae.

Botfly larvae transfer to humans by mosquitoes. Symptoms of a Botfly larvae infection are; red, inflamed skin, pus-like liquid oozing from the inflamed area, unbearable itching, and a crawling sensation in the skin.

Mango larvae are passed to humans by laying on contaminated soil or the Mango fly depositing eggs on human clothing. The infection can cause a severe condition called cutaneous myiasis. In this condition, the larvae ingest body tissue and matter, becoming debilitating. The sufferers experience pruritus and sometimes sharp, piercing pain.

Can Worms Cause Dandruff?

A worm you may have heard invades the scalp is ringworm, yet, it is a dermatophyte fungus rather than worm larvae. They invade areas with keratin. The medical term is tinea capitis; the infected area becomes dry, scaly, and circular. It may be mistaken for dandruff initially but is highly contagious and can lead to balding of the site. The condition is spread by coming into contact with an infected person or animal.

The fungus associated with dandruff is called Malassezia, which naturally occurs on the skin.

Why Are There Holes in Dandruff Flakes?

In common dandruff, you will not find wormhole size holes but small openings in the shredded flakes. They are not due to worm larvae but are openings caused by the hair shaft protruding through the flaked skin. The circumference of your hair shaft determines the size of the hole.

Final Thoughts About Wormhole Dandruff

There are many reasons to side with wormhole dandruff as a made-up condition for ASMR picking satisfaction. There isn’t any information available medically or on Dr. Huge Flakes’s channel regarding the genesis of this condition. It’s hard to fathom that dandruff buildup can accrue to the extreme nature of the video. The construction is intricate, and some have listings of wasp nests. Additionally, the nest sits above the head; grub worms travel through the nest chambers rather than coming out of the scalp. There are parasitic worms to be afraid of, but grub worms are more of a nuisance to trees and a delicious treat for some.

The clients in the wormhole dandruff videos appear to be young kids, and there is no indication of the buildup being painful to the child. When worms fall off the crown, the client doesn’t jump or flinch, a reaction common to those afraid of wormy pests. Although, some people are outraged at the idea of creating a condition to get sympathy and views for healing a seemingly faked condition.

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