Fall Skincare Tips That Never Fail

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Fall is such a beautiful time of the year when the weather begins to drift from hot temperatures to pleasantly cool. Nevertheless, we have the best fall skincare tips to help your skin transition with the season.

Here in Texas, the change in season is noticeable. Just recently, without thinking much of the month, I woke up and sensed fall in the air. I began to put up the rest of my fall decorations, the Thanksgiving placements , pumpkin figurines, and more candles.

The summer clothing gets pushed to the back of the closet or packed to make room for the fall and winter gear. Like clothing, making adjustments in your skincare routine is also necessary.

In the fall, the cooler air can dry your skin out. If you have oily skin, you may welcome the change since oil production seems to stabilize some during the fall months. For skin that is already dry, these may be the months that you dread!

Luckily, our Fall skincare tips will keep your skin healthy and beautiful, throughout these chilly months. Just grab a latte and take a few notes!


Fall Skincare Tip# 1 Invest in a high quality humidifier

In the cooler months, those with skin conditions such as dermatitis, eczema, keratosis pilaris and psoriasis can experience worsening of their skin condition.

When the air is dry, it draws moisture from your skin at faster rates. You may experience, tight and flaky skin.


A humidifier puts moisture in the air which not only has benefits for your skin, but can help decrease winter illnesses.

In a study performed in a room containing dry air, the study participants in the room with the humidifier experienced little to no trans-epidermal water loss from the skin’s barrier. Skin distension was increased on the forehead and cheeks, which resulted in a less textured look.

Additionaly, it keeps the sick look at bay by providing moisture for dry sinus cavities.


Properly cleaning the humidifier is a must if you want to avoid the overgrowth of bacteria and mineral deposits misting in the air. Inhaling these pesky bacteria can lead to a respiratory infection.

Certain bacteria and mold that overgrow cannot be removed by simply washing the device and a replacement would be necessary. Having a humidity tester or hydrometer will help keep your room at optimal humidity levels which is between 30 and 50% according to the EPA.

Humidity that is too high can damage the surrounding space and increase the possibility of a harmful growth of microorganisms.


Additional suggestions:

If you currently do not own a humidifier, you may consider these options

  1. Boiling distilled water in a pot, this delivers quick moisture to the air, however refilling the pot may be a task.
  2. Hang wet clothes to dry in your home.
  3. Briefly run the hot water in your shower, however be cautious of using hot water on your skin as it can be damaging and drying.

Fall Skincare Tip #2 Drink Optimal Levels Of Water

Your body is typically good at letting you know when to hydrate. In the summer, your body loses water through excess sweating , which is why we tend to crave it more.

In the winter, you may consume more water through soups and teas to soothe an achy throat and warm up.

Proper water intake will ensure the inside of your cells are hydrated, causing less strain to your kidneys. Malfunction of the kidneys can lead to dry and itchy skin. Additional benefits of drinking water are, increased blood flow and digestion aid.


In a study of individuals with low water consumption, skin thickness and density were increased as determined by a sonogram. In turn, the epidermis was able to sustain hydration longer.

However, drinking too much water can create a harmful imbalance of sodium levels and decrease minerals and electrolytes in the brain and heart. Therefore consuming optimal levels of water is one of the key fall skincare tips.

Some experts recommend drinking 8 cups of water per day , while others recommend drinking half of your body weight in ounces. Regardless of which guideline you follow, pay attention to signals from your body before you consume excessive amounts.

Although mixed in soups and teas, in this format, it can partly count as water intake.

Signs that you need more water

  1. The general feeling of thirst
  2. Skin that has a slow bounce back referred to as skin turgor
  3. Cramps

The symptoms of Hyponatremia (over-hydration)

  1. Swollen hands and feet
  2. Bloating

Both conditions can result in headaches, vomiting and feeling lightheaded.


Fall Skincare Tip #3 Combat Dry & Chapped Lips

Have you noticed that your lips get chapped during the fall and winter even after applying a chapstick? You may need to go beyond the traditional method of keeping your lips plump and soft by trying these fall skincare tips.

  1. Sip warm liquids throughout the day. Warm liquids will increase the blood flow to the tissue, proving warmth and increased hydration. You don’t need to drink entire cups back-to-back. Use an insulated cup to help your beverage stay warm.
  2. Use a moisturizing sugar scrub to exfoliate dead skin from your lips. A mixture of sugar with honey or castor oil will keep your lips smooth and soft.
  3. You may have a deficiency! Calcium plays a major role in the ability of tissue to hold its structure. A deficiency could lead to increased sloughing of epithelial tissue. Flax seed oil, abundant in Omega 3s and lacking in the diet of most Americans, can help your body absorb calcium.

The Takeaway

The fall season brings bright beautiful colors and is the time for renewing old things. However, despite its beauty, Fall and Winter weather amplifies many skin conditions. The results are dry skin, itching, and flaking. Using the fall skincare tips above to modify your environment externally and internally will make you the master of seasons changes!

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