Challenges For Better Health

Self-improvement challenges are a better alternative to vision boards. Vision boards are fun to make and spark creativity. But for most of us, it can be a constant reminder of what you don’t have.

In my experience, it remained as art to gaze upon beautiful things and ideas. I can’t recall accomplishing many goals on my artboard of desire. What was missing was the path to take to achieve them.

Successful Icons Approve of Self-improvement Challenges

I am a big advocate for charted/dated self-improvement challenges. This method gives you tasks to accomplish each day to get to your desired result.

Quotes from accomplished people such as ” success is the residue of planning ” by the late Benjamin Franklin insist that planning is the key to achieving. By this method, you can gauge how close you are to reaching your desired goal.

You have a clear path to follow with designated tasks for that specific day and a timeline reference for adjustments.

A New Challenge To Strengthen Your Will Power

Starting my New Year off with workout challenges has been a positive experience. My productivity and will power increases with every exercise accomplished.

I find myself doing more than planned because each workout empowers me, almost like a quick rush of adrenaline! As I cross out each workout task on the chart, I can see my health improving.

Below you will find downloadable pdfs of self-improvement challenges to help you feel empowered and gauge your success. Build your willpower with challenges you know are within you to complete, then take on the harder ones that require more discipline.

If you miss any day, make up for what you missed and stay on the path ahead!

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The 30-Day  Stress Relief Challenge offers activities to help you de-stress and relax. Clinical studies have shown that breathing techniques, for example, can minimize stress responses in the body. Read What Stress Does To The Body for more information on stress.

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