Puffiness & Tired Eyes? Try This Dollar Eye Serum

An eye free of puffiness and eye fatigue

Removing puffiness and tired eyes is at the top of the list when it comes to polishing your look for the day. Eye serum and oils provide relief by hydrating, brightening, and repairing skin surrounding the eyes.

This will make you look animated and well-rested.

Working at a job where morning chatter often involved beauty topics, tired and baggy eyes came up as a topic of discussion. My coworker insisted that castor oil was her top-secret product to reducing puffiness and tired eyes.

Having already tried this “top-secret” regimen, I did not like the heavy and sticky feeling of castor oil surrounding my eyes. Additionally, I didn’t experience a drastic change in the appearance of my under eyes.

The bags under my eyes aren’t deep-set, yet give off a tired look, which never bothered me much. I just felt that it was time to consider an anti-aging routine to prolong my youthful look.

Therefore, leading to my purchase of Skin Nutritions New York Age Defy Dark Circle & Puffiness Serum.

A Dollar Tree Beauty Find For Puffiness & Tired Eyes

skin nutritions eye serum

The product was a gem, considering I was not actively looking for an eye serum. Prior research wasn’t performed to inspire my purchase.

I just happened to go shopping at the local Dollar Tree and stumbled upon it. Ninety-nine cents for an eye serum is a steal.


Eye Serum Designed For Easy Application

The eye serum comes in a red tube, similar to the size and shape of a mascara container. The container is slim, but the bottom is slightly wider than the top for an enhanced grip.

The top twists off, and inside is a metal rollerball. The design of the serum made it easy to use, leading to zero waste and clean-up.

The packaging states it treats dark circles, puffiness, fine lines, and wrinkles.

How To Reduce Puffiness & Irritation

To apply the eye serum, rub the rollerball on your eyelids or the surrounding skin. I use the product whenever my eyes are puffy or irritated from allergies or a late night.

It is usually successful in making my eyes vibrant and healthy-looking. The metal sphere has a cooling sensation; it reduces irritation and swelling while providing a gentle massage.

The serum is clear with a mild scent. I can only smell the fragrance while putting the roller ball close to my nose.

Compared to castor oil, the formula isn’t thick or sticky and adheres to the skin surface without running.

Age-Defying Eye Serum Ingredients For Puffiness & Tired Eyes

The key ingredients are Green Tea Extract, Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide), and Vitamin C ( Ascorbic Glucoside ). Green Tea Extract and the metal rollerball promote blood circulation in blood vessels.

The micro-circulation transports oxygen and nutrients while reducing swelling. Vitamin C brightens the skin by fading dark spots.  

Niacinamide provides moisture and smooths the fine lines and texture of the skin.

Dollar Tree Eye Serum A Gem Or Bust?

Skin Nutritions New York Age Defy Dark Circle & Puffiness Serum is not a sponsored product. I give it a five-star rating because the price is cost-effective compared to other brands.

One tube can last months without evaporating or smelling odd. I haven’t used it nightly to determine how long it takes to improve eye bags and darkness.

However, it contains the necessary ingredients to deliver promising results. If you have puffy eyes or irritation, this could be a quick solution to fix it.

I did not experience any itching, stinging, or irritation from using this eye serum. For safe use, follow the instructions on the package.

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