Save on Beauty Products With These Apps!

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Beauty On A Budget, Save on Beauty Products!

Oh, yoooouhooo! Are you trying to cut costs and stay on budget this year? Well, one place to start is to save on beauty products!

Yes, those include skincare, haircare, and makeup products. How many of these products have you bought within the month alone? Those expenses often accrue and go unnoticed.

However, I’m not here to tell you to stop buying beauty brands; they do wonders, and it’s always a new trend to try! With the sources below, get the most shebang for your bucks by saving on beauty products.

Warning: your bank account and cabinets will be a bit fuller. Now let the savings commence!

*Disclosure: This post contains referral links, which means I get a commission if you sign up and purchase products through the link at no additional cost to you. These sources have saved me money and continue to be my go-to source. *

Free Stuff Finder

This app is downloadable on the apple and android store. It lists current discounted deals, coupons, and free items. It’s easy to navigate, providing tabs that take you to the type of sale you are looking for, such as a discount, a coupon, or a free item.

What I enjoy about this app are the savings and free beauty products. Enjoy this ultimate beauty savings app as it also directs you to save from the sources below.

The deals are from credible stores like Walmart, Ulta, Target, Kohl’s, Macy’s, and more. Take a look at  Free Stuff Finder!


Ibotta helps you save on beauty products by listing discounts and free products from multiple stores. The stores include in-person and online grocery and retail stores.

Grocery stores contain an array of beauty products such as face washes and eyeliner. To use the app, first, choose a store. Next, look through the discounts offered and click the plus sign to add them to your list.

After you have bought the item, scan your receipt for savings to show shortly on your Ibotta account. The amount reflects real cash that you can transfer or trade-in for a gift card from multiple stores.

Get automatic money back from online purchases through Ibotta. Take a look at  Ibotta!


Get cash back from shopping at your favorite store with Rakuten. Link your card to your Rakuten account, and receive cashback on the listed percentage of your total in-store purchase.

You can also shop online through Rakuten to get savings. Get beauty products from stores like The Body Shop, SkincareRx, Kohls, and more of your favorites! I call this my beauty savings account because the accrued amount is sent out via Paypal or mailed as a check.

The amount transfers every three months as long as it’s over five dollars. Take a look at Rakuten!

Save on Beauty Products With Ebay!

Ebay sellers often compete in price to beat competitors. The need to sell means buyers save on beauty products!

This price is often cut-rate, sometimes including additional products. I have come across lots of makeup and skincare products at a low cost.

You can even bargain with the seller for a lower price. Take a look at  Ebay!


With the OfferUp app, save on beauty products with local offers from your neighbors. You will find many products like eyeshadow, red light face mask, acne sets, and the list goes on!

Enter the type of product you need in the search bar, then scan through deals to find the best price! The price is often lower than the original retail value.

Some sellers give you the option of having the product shipped to you if you don’t prefer face-to-face meetings. Use precaution by meeting in a public place if you are picking up the products.

For those who prefer shipping, ask plenty of questions and for additional pictures before sending payment. Take a look at OfferUp!


Nextdoor may be an unexpected place to save money on beauty products for those who know what the app is. This app connects you with things going on in your community, like crime and events.

Additionally, It’s an excellent place to buy items from people in your local community. Everyone has something to sell; there’s a chance you will come across new makeup brushes, beauty storage containers, perfume sets, a plethora of things.

Some neighbors are even generous and offer free products. Of course, you should use precautions like meeting in a public place when picking up from a neighbor. Take a look at  Nextdoor!

Save On Beauty Products With Brandefy!

Brandefy is a well-built beauty app! The app recommends a list of products based on skin type, normal, dry, oily, or combination.

The best thing about Brandefy is that it generates comparisons for you! Click on a beauty product, then a similar but cheaper product will appear next to it.

The app shows you the cost of both items with reviews from purchasers on how the products compare. Take a look at Brandefy!


Before you buy a beauty product, read the Amazon reviews. Amazon has a broader range of ratings than the website associated with the product.

Having a full scope of critique informs you of the product being worth your dollars. Spending on merchandise that does not work can be a waste of money and effort. Take a look at  Amazon!

*Disclosure: This post may contain referral links which means I get a commission if you sign up and purchase products through the link. These sources are credible, and the savings are real. Some apps may not be compatible with certain devices and limited to specific countries.*

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